Summer work - Team Flow measurements from JIRA

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Summer Internship – Team flow measurements from Jira

Our motto at SICK IVP is to provide world leading solutions in Machine Vision. We have high demands on ourselves and have a helpful attitude towards each other in reaching best possible results. We offer you engaged and dedicated colleagues, exciting technological challenges, a stimulating international collaboration environment, and a culture based on freedom with responsibility. Together we strive for a good balance between work and leisure, which has resulted in a several times awarded working environment.

A cross-functional and self-organizing development team includes all skills necessary to develop what is needed for the stakeholders. One important part of a team’s development is to continuously improve the way of working by regular retrospectives, but also by visualizing how the team is doing. By finding the current bottlenecks, the team should be able to improve.

When using e.g. Kanban, an important part is to measure the team’s “flow”. In such a planning system, aspects like cycle time and lead time becomes important factors. However, a team needs to understand what the measurements could help with. Preferably these measurements are also automated with Jira via the Atlassian’s REST API.

The goal of this work is implement one to several measurements using data from Jira and visualize the measurement results.

Skilled in Python programming (e.g. numpy, matplotlib)
Experience in Jira, Confluence, Java, and C++ is a benefit.

Time: June – August

 If you have questions regarding the summer internship, please e-mail to Mattias Jansson (

Apply here before 29 February

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