MASTER´S THESIS: Auto-set functionality for optimized 3D image quality

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In automated quality inspection of an object, the success of the image processing task depends on the quality of the acquired  image. To do a good 3D image set-up the user needs to have some experience, something that is usually missing for a new customer of our configurable TriSpector cameras.  Depending on the object’s features it is possible to suggest a suitable se-up for the given case and then allow the user to perform small manual adjustments if necessary.

  • Find relevant set-up templates for a range of object features
  • Visualization and usability aspects of the set-up
  • Evaluation of different hypothesis


  • Image processing
  • Computer vision & geometry
  • Programming in C++


For more information, contact R&D manager Johan Häggström ( and apply below at "ANSÖKAN"  before  the 6th of December. Please notice: Application must include CV, Cover letter and LADOK (study results including courses).

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