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Write your thesis with us

We offer several thesis projects annually. We announce our theses opportunities during September and we look forward to meeting you at the local Teses fairs in Linköping and Norrköping to tell you more. If you do not find anyting suitable for you but have an idea for a thesis, then you are welcome to contact us and tell us about your idea. Doing your thesis with us is not only developing and fun, but also an excellent way to get a permanent job at SICK Linköping.

Join us for an internship or summer job

At SICK Linköping we find internships and summer jobs to be an excellent way of connecting with talented students for future employment while getting qualified tasks done. We put time and effort in defining suitable assignments, and create excellent conditions for our interns and summer workers, to learn and have fun while working with us! If you are interested in sensor technology, image processing, and machine vision – keep your eyes on our career page during the beginning of the year when we announce our summer job opportunities! If you are looking for an internship, get in touch with us to share your interests. We have opportunities within several areas that might be just the right one for you.

Kick start your career with us

Are you eager to practice what you have learnt and do you have some hours to spare on a weekly basis? Then there might be a suitable opportunity for you to join us for a part-time job. Especially if you have programming skills and share our passion for sensor technology, image processing, and machine vision. Get in touch with us to share your interests and talk about possible opportunities.

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We seem to be running low on open vacancies right now but you can always send an open application!

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You can always let us know who you are and what you are interested in!

Examples of previous thesis opportunities

Have a look at the films below for inspiration on topics for a thesis.

Mattias Johannesson

Handheld 3D Scanner

Daniel Rydström

Narrow Pretraining of Deep Neural Networks

Sofia Nilsson

Deep Learning in 3D Point Clouds

John Stynsberg

Language Models for Configurable Systems

Jens Edhammer

Photorealistic Simulations of Laser Triangulation System

Fredik Löfgren

Hyperspectral Cameras

Andreas Wrangsjö

Deep Learning from Teacher Sensors

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