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SICK is a world-leading supplier of sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications founded in 1946 by Dr. E.h. Erwin Sick. We are more than 12 000 employees in 50 countries and our headquarter is located in Freiburg, Germany. 

SICK in Linköping is an innovation center for Machine Vision, and we are 90 committed employees with a big interest in image processing and visualization. For more than 35 years, our team at SICK Linköping has successfully developed and delivered software for technically leading products within the field of 2D and 3D vision, as well as system solutions, e.g. robot guidance and quality control.

Culture is our greatest asset

The power of shared success

We celebrate each other’s individuality, curiosity, and desire to innovate.

Go ahead and try – we‘ve got your back

For us, the only way to succeed is through genuine trust!

Above all, we are innovators

We all have one thing in common. When something triggers our minds, it does so fully and completely.

We believe in balance

At SICK Linköping we love our work, but life happens, and that is just the way it should be!

Hi student!

There are many opportunities for students at SICK Linköping. Join us for an internship or summer job. Write your thesis with us or kick start your career by combining your studies with part-time work.

Stay curious and keep learning. We give you the tools to succeed!

We are on a mission.
By giving eyes to machines, we are creating a smarter world!

Creating a better world

We help customers all over the world with solutions for automation, quality inspection, and optimization of transport and logistic processes. By ensuring efficient use of resources, reduction of the climate footprint, and safe working environments, we are creating a more sustainable world. Working at SICK Linköping means making a difference by creating sustainable customers today and tomorrow.

Industrial Artificial Intelligence

Working with Deep learning at SICK Linköping means solving actual hands-on problems that make a difference to our customers. You get to apply your skills in a wide range of areas using both Machine Learning and Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN). 

We develop software to collect and annotate data as well as to train neural networks that can be run in an embedded environment on a camera. We are quite unique in that way. 

Machine Vision & image processing

Machine Vision can simply be explained as applying computer vision, image processing, and Deep Learning, and this is our field of expertise. At SICK Linköping we develop and use our own software for image processing and complement this with the usage of open source and external libraries. We use a variety of camera hardware and both 2D and 3D techniques for image acquisition. Within 3D we apply several technologies such as laser triangulation, stereo, and TOF. We can solve problems within a wide range, including screening electronic components on a micrometer level as well as inspecting wooden logs and high speed trains.

Software Development

Since the year 1985, we have managed to collect a lot of competence and the most brilliant people in machine vision and software development under one roof. Our software solutions are used for factory and logistics automation, from quality inspection to robot guidance, by customers in various lines of business all over the world. 

Working with software development at SICK Linköping means working with product development where the result comes to actual  use by the customer. Our software solves a great variety of concrete problems, meaning that there is a wide range of possibilities to apply and develop your skills within software development with us, from embedded development all the way to front-end development. 

Meet the team!

 Let some of our employees tell you what they do at work and why they love to work at SICK Linköping

Meet Mattias Jansson

Scrum master

I started my career at SICK Linköping as a project manager beginning of 2007. Today I work as project manager in product development of our industrial 3D cameras, and as an agile coach in the organization. As an agile coach I also spent some time in the HR department at the head office in Germany, but currently my main focus in this perspective is SICK Linköping.

The opportunity to help and coach teams toward their goals is something that I really love about my job! SICK is a friendly workplace with a culture that is characterized by a wish for cooperation within the entire SICK group!

My best SICK memory is from SICK's 70th anniversary. Where I, together with some colleagues from Linköping, performed a cover version with our own lyrics of the Abba hit “Money, money, money”. We were wearing golden sequin costumes at the big celebration party at the headquarters!

Meet Malin Annala

Application Engineer Robot guidance

I started at SICK in 2007 as a software tester and today I work as an application engineer in our Robot Guidance team. Today I mainly work with support and preliminary studies of SICK´s software in order to develop new applications. I see myself as the link between the customer and the developer, where I get the customer's perspective and pass on feedback and inputs to the developer.

Helping customers succeed and seeing the results, is the driving force for me! SICK is a welcoming workplace where you can be just as you are.

One of my best SICK memories is from the Christmas party where we played volleyball dressed as in the Swedish movie “Sällskapsresan”! 

Meet Sofia Nilsson

Product Manager 3D vision

I started my career at SICK during the autumn of 2014 as an application developer. A role that gave me the opportunity to travel a lot and visit customers all around the world, something I found creative, varied and fun! Today I work as a product manager in the 3D vision team in Linköping. The opportunity to be involved in driving technological development in society forward, is something that I really appreciate about my job!

During my years at SICK I have also had the opportunity to work as a vision expert at one of SICK's sales subsidaries in the USA. A fun job that gave me a large network I can benefit from in my role today. I would describe SICK as a workplace with state-of-the-art technology and friendly colleagues, a workplace with great opportunities to develop and work abroad!

Meet  John Stynsberg

Development Engineer

I started my career at SICK through a summer job in 2017, which went on to a part-time job alongside my studies. At the end of my studies, I wrote my master thesis at SICK and after that I started as an full-time application engineer. Today I work as a software developer, where I build applications that make it easy for customers to use our smart cameras.

The opportunity to make technology available and usable for many people, and not just the few knowledgeable experts, is something that I really appreciate about my job! During my years at SICK I have gotten the opportunity to grow and take on new challenges. I would say that it is the culture at SICK that has gained me the confidence to take on new challenges!

The helpful mindset at SICK was something I noticed already when I had my summer job here. No matter who I asked, I always got help, either an answer to my question or help to find the right person to ask. My colleagues at SICK Linköping are the best part of every work day!

Meet Johan Melander

Manager SW 3D Cameras

I started at SICK 24 years ago as an image sensor designer, and have over the past years had the opportunity to work in a number of different roles. Today I work as a line manager for our Software 3D camera team, and also as a specialist in image sensor technology.

What I love about my job is the opportunity to work with both image sensor technology and the tasks that comes with the line manager role. I really feel that SICK is a  workplace with open doors, lack of prestige, and a strong spirit of teamwork. 

One of my best SICK memories is from a previous image sensor project. A few days in to the project we managed to get basic image capture running on "first silicon". A team photo was arranged, and made its ways to a T-shirt and coffee cup print. Good for the team spirit!

This could be you!

We are always searching for new colleagues, and we want to know who you are! The first step is to apply! 

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Inside SICK Linköping

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Why you should choose to be our new colleague

Great Place to Work

We have been named one of Sweden's best employers by Great Place To Work on seven occasions, most recently in 2023. We take great pride in our workplace culture characterized by helpfulness, lack of prestige, and a great passion for innovation. We have a strong team spirit, a friendly and open working climate, and great comradeship. We like to do things together, like maintaining our traditions, arranging an after-work, meeting up for some board games over lunch, or just engaging in an interesting conversation by the coffee machine.

Teamwork & autonomy

The way we work at SICK Linköping is of an agile nature. We work in self-governing and cross-functional teams where you are given freedom with responsibility. We are convinced that the best ideas surface when we have open minds and help each other, so there is no competition at SICK Linköping, only collaboration. And because nobody knows everything, we share decision-making and direction setting. We solve problems together and celebrate together!


Taking care of our health, and engaging in proactive and health-promoting activities are important for us. We offer regular health examinations, health insurance, and visits to our masseur. We are many at SICK Linköping who like to activate ourselves. It is always possible to find a colleague who is up for an activity during lunch, maybe walking, running, mountain bikeing, or cross-country skiing on the nearby golf course during wintertime. We also play badminton and floorball together every week.

Exploration and developement

We love to learn and find new ways to develop our competence. For us, competence development is everything from traditional training, book circles, paper clubs to networking, and inviting each other to demos and Tech talks (our version of Ted talks). We also set aside time to make use of and trigger the curiosity and desire to try new ideas. We call these “Exploration days”, days when we explore new things alone, in groups, or together with all employees at SICK Linköping.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

For us, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a valuable way to create additional meaning in our work. We do not want lack of time to be an obstacle to donating blood. At SICK Linköping you can therefore donate blood during working hours. We are very proud of our life-saving heroes! It is also up to our employees to decide on which organizations will receive our yearly sponsoring and charity donation. Do you also want to donate blood? Click here

Sustainable commuting

We think it should be easy to choose the bicycle as a means of transportation when commuting to work. We have therefore ensured that we have access to locked bicycle storage, shower facilities, a drying room for wet clothes, and a repair kit for punctures at the office. As a result of our efforts, we have received the "Bicycle-friendly workplace" award. We measure how we commute to work, and make sure to celebrate when we achieve a new environmentally friendly commuting record!

We care!

For us sustainability is everything from creating products that help our customers optimize their use of the world’s resources to keeping a good work life balance. It is striving towards the goals of agenda 2030 while also having the opportunity to learn and develop professionally. In short it means keeping in balance with all elements of life. 

Want to know more about our sustainability work within SICK group?

Sustainability at SICK

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