From summer job to employment

Read about Emma’s first contact with SICK and her way from a summer job to an exciting employment as Application Developer.

Emma met us at SICK Linköping in 2018 when she visited a thesis fair. Then she was a student on the fourth year at the Media Technology program in Norrköping and had begun to think of her master thesis and life to come after finalizing the studies. Emma told us about her interests and thoughts about the future and was immediately advised to apply for a summer job at SICK and a future role as an Application Developer. “It’s not easy to know what a job is actually about based on an advertisement, but the summer job sounded interesting, and I got a positive feeling for the company”.

During the interview for a summer job Emma got to meet her future colleagues and her intended supervisors. Emma didn’t feel nervous at all: “No, it was a good conversation where I got to know more about the assignment and the workplace. It seemed exciting so afterwards I was hoping to get a call with an offer for a summer job!”.

Emma was offered a summer job with another student. “Yes, it turned out to be a person from the parallel class, and it was fun working together. This was before the pandemic so we shared a room at the office and could talk and help each other out”.

The introduction was well prepared and gave Emma the chance to get to know the products, the company and not least to get to know the team. “Everyone was very friendly and you could ask anyone about anything. We who were summer workers were part of the team’s daily stand ups and that really helped to make us feel like a part of the team.”

The summer job assignment was to program prototypes of the image processing plugin for SICK Nova (the framework in our smart cameras that enables the end user to easily solve advanced applications on their own). “It was fun to do something that had a connection to my studies , and especially fun to practically work with cameras”.

Emma kept an eye on SICK when the graduation was coming u and discovered that the job she had been told about at the thesis fair was out. Emma contacted SICK and after a quick process in the spring of 2020 she got the job as Application Developer. “I’m glad to be back! I really recommend students who are interested in machine vison to apply for a summer job at SICK. It is a great opportunity to try out a job related to the education and get to experience the nice atmosphere here at SICK Linköping”!


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