Sustainability on the agenda

Meet Fredrik, Algorithm Developer with a commitment to the company’s sustainability work.

Fredrik is one of five members of the Sustainability Group at SICK Linköping. The group consists of both representatives from the management team and employees in the business with the goal of working for sustainability issues.

4 quick questions to Fredrik:

Why is it important to have focus on sustainability?

“This is the “question of fate” for our time, of course. Sustainability concerns everyone, both individuals, companies and authorities. I believe that it is important for companies to create conditions for employees to contribute in topics concerning sustainability. People want to contribute to sustainability matters and it is important for a high employee engagement satisfied employees”.

What are your top tips for getting started with sustainability work at a company?

 "It is better to start and do something small than not doing anything at all. Some concrete things that are easy to start with are to facilitate sustainable commuting, review electricity agreements to ensure renewable energy sources and create conditions for digital meetings. The Corona pandemic has obviously shown that it is possible! "                          

What are you most proud of when it comes to the company's sustainability work?

"Of course we can do much more, but I am happy to work at a company where we actively focus on sustainability. But in the end, I am most proud of my colleagues who make active choices that contribute to a sustainable society!”

What are your best tips for sustainability in everyday life?

"Combine focus on your personal health and the environment- take the bike!"


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