SICK Linköping a Great Place to Work

For the 7th time SICK Linköping has been selected as one of Sweden's best workplaces by Great Place to Work!

Since we continuously ask our employees for feedback we can assure to retain a high employee satisfaction and a great workplace culture, by preserving the good stuff and improve where needed. For many years we've been using the Employee Opinion Survey provided by great Place to Work, and on no less than 7 occasions we have also been named one of Sweden's Best Workplaces. 

Mathilda and Mattias are both engineers but with different lengths of employment here at SICK Linköping. We asked them why they love going to work every day  and they answered:

"I love going to the office as I have such fun and competent colleagues who support me and make me want to grow professionally and personally." - Mathilda.

"I love the contact with the people at SICK. My colleagues inspire me to develop, and I feel a lot of support from them." - Mattias.

Mathilda has worked at SICK for about one year, and this is how she describes her first time here:
"I quickly felt like a team member, and I got a lot of good feedback to grow into my role. I also could talk to everyone about everything. Something that I like about my position is that I have a lot of contact with our customers and get the opportunity to be a part of the whole customer journey”

Mattias has worked at SICK for 16 years. We asked him what made him stay so long:
"SICK is an incredibly cool company with many fantastic sensors that can be used in many areas. Therefore, SICK is at the forefront of technology and is a developing company to work for. On top of this there are many internal career paths which I have seen at other colleagues and experienced myself. I also get to deal with exciting daily challenges, which I think is fun. At SICK Linköping I feel safe and I'm supported by my managers and colleagues".

So, what conclusions can we draw from this then? Well, it is our fantastic employees who all contribute in their unique way to create the best workplace!  We are so happy that you both wanted to share a bit of your thoughts and experience about working here at SICK. We are so lucky to have you both as colleagues! 💙



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