Life at SICK as an Application Developer

There are many different roles and opportunities to develop in at SICK Linköping depending on your interest. Maybe you are in to embedded development, algorithms, deep learning, or robotic applications? Or maybe you are specifically interested in applications of Machine Vision and would thrive in a role as Application Developer? Read the interview  with Andreas below to find out more about what life at SICK Linköping as an Application Developer is like.

So to start with, what made you apply for a job at SICK, and why did you find it to be an interesting workplace for you?

I applied to SICK because I wanted to work with image processing. I also heard very good things about the workplace from friends and have always gotten a good impression of the company when I met representatives from SICK at job fairs. My journey at SICK started during the summer 2021 holiday season right after graduation. During that time, the pandemic was also present in society as a popcorn shell between the teeth. In other words, my journey at SICK began in remote mode. Despite this, I got a very good start at SICK with accommodating colleagues who were always available and keen that I should get into work in the best way possible

It's fantastic to hear about your start at SICK! Let's dive into your role at SICK, can you tell us a bit about what you work with? I work as an application developer mainly connected to our streaming laser triangulation cameras. My tasks vary a lot, which is very fun as I am constantly learning new things. I usually see my role as a link between the customers who use our cameras and the R&D department that develops them. Sometimes I work with customer-oriented software development with the goal that the customer will solve their applications as well and quickly as possible. Sometimes I work with developing and conducting training related to how to use our cameras. And, sometimes my work involves helping clients who need assistance in how to best solve a vision problem. Often the projects are about a customer having problems in their production that lead to raw materials being wasted. It feels very good to see when customers succeed in using our cameras to ensure the quality of their products and at the same time protect our environment.

Sound like you have a very interesting and varied role. Can you tell us a bit about what a typical day at work look like for you? A normal day at work always starts with a cup of coffee and a daily stand-up meeting where we go through today's customer support and share what we are currently working on if you need help, or if someone has good input on what you do. Then you continue with your ongoing project(s), which can vary and look very different. It can be about everything from working with lasers and light sources to achieve the best image quality possible, to working together with colleagues with a clever customer case to sometimes sitting and developing a proof of concept of an image algorithm or visualization for a customer. Then, of course, there will be the occasional ping-pong match as well.

It seems like you are having a lot of fun during a working day at SICK, what would you say is the most enjoyable part of your job, and what is the most challenging?

The best thing about working at SICK is that you get to try so many different things and meet/work with so many knowledgeable and nice people. It is also funny that so many colleagues care about the workplace. There is almost always some fun competition going on or some fun company event to look forward to.

The most challenging thing about my job is also the most fun, you constantly encounter new problems that you have to get to grips with and try to solve. One day is never the same. But this also means that you develop a lot both in work and also as a person.

Thank you so much for showing us a glimpse of what it is like to work at SICK! We are happy to have you as our colleague!



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